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Diamond Draft Systems

Diamond Draft Systems, is a “Complete” Draft Beer Service Company, including Total  System Cleaning, Upgrades, Problem Solving, Total System Design/Installation, and Repairs. We take pride in your properly balanced and operating system as well as clean beer lines, faucets, and keg couplers. We service many Northern Michigan restaurants, bars and resorts and we would like to earn your business too. Is your draft beer system is as PROFITABLE as it can be? We can make it happen.

With over 24 years experience in the beer industry, I guarantee that you will have properly cleaned, installed, balanced, and operating system that allows you to achieve Brewery Fresh tasting draft beer. NO OBLIGATION, NO CONTRACTS. Just great service!

After a properly installed and balanced draft system, routine draft line cleaning is extremely important. 

Cleaning should be performed a minimum of once every four weeks. We use an electric pump with a high pressure pulsating action that forces a safe effective brewery approved cleaning solution through the beer lines, faucets and taps. This removes and helps prevent the build up of bacteria, yeast, mold  and calcium (beer stone).  All of these can cause off taste, poor smell, particles floating in beer and poor system performance… that equals Lost Profits.

We want to earn your business! We can provide many recommendations from other bar, restaurant, and resort owners & managers that use Diamond Draft Systems as their service provider and are extremely glad they do. You can also see a partial client list and some system designs under the projects link on this site.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to set an appointment to meet and discuss your draft system. It will be the best call you make today!

TeddE Forcier, Owner
Diamond Draft Systems

Experience the “Diamond” treatment.